Thursday, July 3, 2014

Paper Pregnant

Have you ever heard of the term, Paper Pregnant? Paper pregnant essentially means that you are home study approved. So as of July 1, 2014, we have been Paper Pregnant for well over 2 years. I stopped counting down to the month, week, and day because that just gets ├╝ber depressing.

The placement fee is a very scary and daunting fee that we will have to pay our agency when we are placed with a baby... and it is huge!

$11, 950.00

Swallow that number for a moment. That is on top of the $12,500.00 we have already paid our agency, and the fees for background checks, fingerprinting, drug testing, physicals, etc...

We have thought of a number of ways to make that money appear...

- Cut back on all extras, like eating out, movies, etc... (for sanity reason, we do go out with friends)
- Pray for a money tree to grow in our yard. (I have prayed, but I'm pretty sure it's not growing)
- Work more. (If I didn't have crazy migraines...)
- Find out a way to get on the Ellen Show. I love her. She is hilarious. And she dances like me.
- Send out fundraising letters. We did this at the beginning, which helped to cover some of the fees we have already paid.
- Sell my body organs. (Wait, this isn't legal?!?!)
- Have a fundraising home/catalog party, like Thirty-One, Mary Kay, etc...
- Get in touch with some people who know people that can make BIG waves to bring attention us. Like radio stations, newspaper, baby product promoters, adoption advocates...
- Social media. Ugh. I hate putting myself out there, being all needy, but social media works!
- Crowdfunding. We have a fundraising page on YouCaring. Every single penny helps.
- I'm pretty crafty, so why not figure out how to start selling my stuff. I'm now on ETSY! All the blankets and burp cloths recently sold, so I have been madly sewing this week to be able to list more!

So here is a recap. Adoption is not cheap. We need help getting to that magic number of $11,950, so that when we do get that phone call that there is a baby for us, we aren't scrambling. We definitely can't do this alone. Sometimes, it takes a village. Asking for help is never easy. Asking for financial help to have a family, is downright the most difficult thing ever. If you can help in any way, we so greatly appreciate it. If 1000 people donate $10... Okay, that is asking for a miracle because we don't even know 1000 people. But there are 1000 people out there in the world that might want to donate $10 if they knew about us. So the only way we can reach that many people is for word to spread, and friends and family to share our links with their friends and family, and so on.

Here are the links again:

Our Etsy store is called... "Paper Pregnant": Shop Paper Pregnant
Crowdfunding website: YouCaring
Our adoption profile: Check Us Out!

If you would like to see a breakdown of the fees from start to finish, go HERE.

Other ways you can help:

-We certainly also would appreciate any prayers that you can throw our way.
-And if you happen to know someone that might be considering an adoption plan...
-Share our adoption profile with everyone you know because you never know who might know someone that is considering an adoption plan. Social media is the new advertising. Share and post away to Facebook and Twitter: Our Profile

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Been A Long TIme...And I'll Tell You Why

Adoption is hard. The emotional roller coaster of adoption is crazy. Almost as bad as infertility. Almost.  Waiting for the phone to ring... or the email to come in. Getting multiple emails a week about adoption situations that are available, but with crazy expectations attached, that you cannot answer, but knowing there is a child attached to that email. And that we can provide a loving home, health insurance, and anything our child could want for. Waiting is frustrating. But in the end, the waiting will be worth it.

I pray a lot. I cry a lot. I wait with open arms and an understanding heart (most of the time), that this is on God's time. That there is a baby out there, that is meant for us... on God's time. It cannot be rushed. So we wait more. And we cry together. And we pray together.

Here is an updated picture for the alphabet letters for the nursery. I am still waiting for a handful of them to get back to me. But I love it! I love that this wall of letters have been decorated by people that have been praying for us, for that sweet baby out there, and people that love us. And I am touched by every single minute that everyone put into decorating a letter for this baby.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I've got nothing for ya... except prayers...

We pray daily about the birthmother that is out there somewhere, that at some point will be making a very selfless decision to place her unborn child in the arms of an adoptive family. I am reminded every single day about a book I read when we started this process, that is written from the viewpoint of the birthmother, called "The Gift Of Sam: A Story of Unspeakable Grace"... and I am humbled to remember that this adoption journey would not happen if weren't for a birthmother who made an adoption plan for her child... I recommend this book to everyone!

We pray for the unborn child(ren) that God has in mind for us to raise and love on. We pray that decisions we are making on a daily basis are smart decisions and those that will benefit us as a family now and in the future.
We pray that we may be shepherded and surrounded by supportive, uplifting, and encouraging people, and that those people will be in the life of our child.
We pray for God's grace and for patience in this journey...
We pray that our home will be filled with the laughter of my own child, and not just the children I "borrow".  I pray that I may have the fortitude to wait on God's timing, so that I will see our family growing together in our country home and running/ playing on the 3.5 acres...

So until we hear otherwise, we pray for these things... and wait and hope for that life changing phone call...

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Nursery Update!

Several months ago I decided on a color scheme and theme for the baby nursery or as Dan's refers to it, "Baby X's Room"... I chose for the colors to be yellow and gray and the theme to be alphabet. I am slowly passing out letters to people that want to decorate a letter for the nursery (FYI: lots are still available to decorate...that's enough for my shameless plug).
I combed the interwebs & Pinterest for ideas on decor to fit the color scheme and theme...and something that fits our budget (important). And here is what the nursery currently looks like... It is not completed and still a work in progress, but close to completion.

This was the focus wall in the middle of the painting project...
...and this is the wall after! We love it! (Notice the BOP adoption sign above the crib)
Close up of the bedding: bumper and crib skirt were handed down to me and perfect for the room. I have a couple different crib sheets, but this one is chevron gray. Gray and yellow baby blankets for the baby we will eventually have...
The other large wall. Can you see the alphabet ever so faintly on the wall? We painted all the walls eggshell, and then this wall has the alphabet stenciled in a glossy paint so you can see it when the light hits the letters.
Gray and white rocker/glider with chevron throw. I want to get a little table to put next to the rocker, and a yellow, gray or white basket to go on the floor of this wall to hold stuffies.
See the letter "M" on the windowsill... An example of a decorate letter. These will go on the wall to the left over the dresser, changing table. Love the chevron pouf, bookcase, and my little tile that says, "I am a child of God". The little red stool was mine when I was a kiddo.
Bookcase already filled with children's books that I started collecting since I first started trying to get pregnant and being a Mom back in 2002. Can't wait to sit in that rocker and read them to our child.

"You are my sunshine" prints above the bookcase
NOT in the nursery, but across the hall is the bathroom we will use for our child(ren). Alphabet themed bathroom to go with the nursery theme.
Not part of the nursery, but downstairs in the living room... Notice the board scripture quote is the one scripture I continually repeat to myself during this adoption journey.

So what do you think about the changes/ improvements? I am in love! We currently have a changing table in the nursery, but it is clear that I will need to swap that out with a white dresser/ changing table combo, to utilize the space the best way possible.

Anyone else want to decorate a letter for the nursery???

Friday, January 25, 2013

Baby Nursery and Staying Busy

We have been working on the nursery this month... keeping our mind off the adoption unknown... or trying. The colors in the nursery are Yellow and Grey... and the theme is Alphabet... The nursery will look more on the modern side, than the traditional side. Straight lines... but still fun! This is a completely different vision that I have ever had with a nursery before... It's fun to look at different colors and ideas, and branch out. I have all the letters of the alphabet (unfinished) that I would love to pass out to friends and family to decorate for the nursery wall, so everyone is apart of the vision. (I am hoping people will jump on board for this idea... so let me know if you want a letter... Need ideas? See the Pinterest link below.)
So we have a crib, with mattress and a crib sheet... Cube bookcase, that is filled with the most wonderful Children's books (all the classics). Changing table, that might need to get re purposed because I am discovering that I won't have room for a dresser and a changing table in there. Glider/ rocker was ordered. We picked out paint this week, and started painting. So excited about how it is coming together. And it is gender neutral. We can always go more frilly with the fabric and decor if God blesses us with a girl. But for now, this nursery project is keeping us engaged and busy and for the most part, not waiting on the phone to ring every second.
I have a Pinterest board for all things nursery (What would I do without Pinterest?... No seriously...) If you want to wander through my nursery ideas you can view it HERE.
We will post pictures when the painting is done, and the room is put back together...

As always, we would love prayer as we continue on this adoption journey... because it is not always easy.

Our web profile with Bethany Christian Services has been updated with new pictures and you can see it HERE.

In the meantime, I hold fast to a scripture:

 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. (Jeremiah 29:11)


Thursday, January 10, 2013


We are always telling our friends and family to keep their ears and eyes open for us, because you just never know where you might "bump" into someone that is considering making an adoption plan. When we started this process, a good friend that has adopted all 3 of their children, gave me a book to read that is from the birthmother's perspective. It is called, "The Gift of Sam, A Story of Unspeakable Grace". I was balling my eyes out at the end of the book it was so good. Go read it people. It definitely changed the way I viewed how a birthparent could make a decision, and how they make a choice for their child to have something better because they aren't ready.

Here is a direct link to our web profile on the Bethany Christian Services page. Please continue to keep ears and eyes open for us. Pray for us. And Pray for that birthmom that is somewhere out there, who will someday, make an adoption plan that will include us.

Click Here For Dan & Kristin Web Profile